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Joyful Sole is a small, family owned studio in downtown Perry Michigan. It is owned by local Tasha Audia. She decided she wanted to bring a positive addition to the Perry community, and renovated the inside back to a working studio. She had hopes to have a place to host many different things such as yoga, pilates, zumba, dance, art classes, and crafts just to name a few. It started with a dream in 2016 and it took almost a year to fix back up, but in 2017 opened and started by hosting yoga classes! Joyful Sole currently hosts Yoga classes, Pop Pilates, Barre, shopping boutique, & a Children's Dance Company, crafts, and available space to rent. "We are overjoyed, humbled, and grateful to the surrounding communities for their love and support!"

Jill & Dawei Li


Barre instructor


Yoga Instructors


Our Yoga instructors are highly trained and experienced. Along with focusing on breathing and movement they make sure you are not risking injury by practicing in incorrect postures.


Pop Pilates


 Chelsea and Tracy are our Pop Pilates instructors. Chelsea has been practicing this workout for over 4 years and has taken her full training and is registered to teach others.Tracy has been practicing for two years and is fully registered to teach. Pop Pilates is a total body, equipment-free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer's body like nothing else can.

Infinity Dance Company

Perry's Dance Company


Where dancing is more than just steps.  If you are looking for a place for your child to participate in something that is active, lower key, kind, and supportive be sure to look into them. Anna is amazing with Kids. Contact Kelli @ 810-247-6935

As a team we are all committed to your health & wellness. We believe mental health is just as important as physical health. We want to help you obtain your fitness level goal mind, body, and spirit.

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