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                                                   “Never miss a chance to dance”

The topic of anxiety, depression, suicide can be a touchy one. There are lots of opinions and so many different situations. 

Suicide has affected us personally and the loss and feelings that came with our situations have been extremely painful. 

The personal loss made way for the birth of this place. Our goal has always been to help-To be a place where you can go for community, friendship, care, peace, laughs, exercise, or joy. Whether it’s the joy from seeing your children in an activity, exercising, or a craft class; it’s happening because we wanted to contribute something positive. We want to see you and we want to be here for you. We will not judge you if this is the only hour you get off your couch or out of bed. We want to say thank you for letting us be the place. 
Never miss a chance to dance doesn’t mean just dance. It means don’t miss a chance for support, don’t miss a chance for fun, don’t miss a chance for joy, don’t miss a chance to do something you enjoy, don’t miss a chance outside of your head, don’t miss a chance to breathe. It also reminds us don’t miss a chance to appreciate others. 
We have been on this path for at least six years-long before you may have seen our sign on the building or noticed the Facebook page. We have been working towards bringing something that may help for a few years now. There have been a few signs in the past couple years that have guided us here- never miss a chance to dance was one of them. It meant so much to come across this from the previous owner that we had to leave it. Although our path may have had some challenges on it that were out of our control, the goal is still the same as it was on day one. Be there for people and be helpful in support if we can. Our path has lead us to some really amazing people/instructors that share the same goal and support this place and idea. We are so grateful for them and for each of you. Please reach out if your struggling. We want you to be here. 💗


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